Adding Value

Expertise, Experience, and Network in Europe and Asia, particularly in India make FIDES your preferred Partner for business growth.

How can we add value

We are distinguished by the commitment, expertise, cross-border experience, domestic and international networks and local presences in Switzerland and India.
We work alongside management teams to develop a concise business strategy and road map and then steer it through growth trajectory by bringing in operational transformation, unlocking cost potentials, managing cash and help to expand the business to new growth.
We believe fresh ideas and innovation are the key facts to building an elaborate an pragmatic growth strategy. Our experience in these areas help us build businesses at scale.

How do we add value

To excel in an ever-changing market environment is a daunting task. And it is often common to lose focus of the larger potential while managing day-to-day business challenges.

At FIDES, we understand business challenges and bring in a vision, strategic expertise, hands-on operational excellence and growth perspective.

As entrepreneurial investors we seek the inherent potential of the business to identify areas of growth that can be leveraged through financial and/or operational transformation and opening up new markets wherever applicable thereby working alongside management.

In every business, there are new opportunities that can be captured and scaled.

Our primary aim is to work alongside the management to dig deeper into the business and identify these opportunities and to transform them, thereby leveraging our operational experience with hands-on support.

At FIDES, we also understand the component of growth and technology transfer to emerging markets. Our value add is in diverse expertise and well-established local networks in Asia, particularly in India.

Value Creation Model (I)

We create value through dedicated operational transformation by unlocking bottom-line potentials from within the portfolio company, manage cash and costs…

We leverage bottom-line potential through sustainable cost reduction and change projects, focusing on few key subjects. The FIDES team has jointly performed >50 transformations and operational performance improvement projects throughout all sizes of companies.

Manage Cash and Working Capital

Cost Optimization

Strategy and Operational Transformation Plan

Provide Financing and Strategy Execution

Value Creation Model (II)

…and elicit fresh ideas and innovation through well elaborated and pragmatic growth strategies focusing on emerging markets in Asia.

Substantial network of industry experts accessible to implement successful future growth strategies.

Identify Competitive Advantages

Assess Key Future Market Developments

Generate & Implement Options

Market Positon



Identify Competitive Advantages

Market Positon

Assess Key Future Market Developments


Generate & Implement Options


Value Creation Model (III)

Physical presence in Asia…

Our FIDES footprint and network in India delivers execution and transformation capabilities by identifying growth opportunities, implement outsourcing strategies and structuring technology transformation for our portfolio companies into fast growing emerging markets.

…with Proven Track Record

Wonderchef – The company offers high quality kitchen appliances, cookware, bakeware and is positioned in the premium segment.

Investment year:  2015
Investment type: Equity
Industry sector: Kitchen appliances

Srikrishna – Based in India, Srikrishna is a 20+ year dairy firm offering the entire value-chain and a broad portfolio of products.

Investment year: 2016
Industry type: Equity
Industry sector: Food & Beverage 

Hangyo – Headquartered in Mangalore, Hangyo is a leading brand manufacturer and distributor of ice-creams and milk products.

Investment year: 2013
Investment type: Equity
Industry sector: Food