FIDES is an investor with a buy and hold investment philosophy focusing on small and mid-sized companies in Switzerland, contributing transformation and enabling unfettered growth opportunities.


We are experienced entrepreneurs with considerable exposure in private equity investments, transformation and C-Level management.


We have an international footprint in Switzerland and India combining forces of 12 investment and management professionals with an array of capabilities in creating value for companies.


We bring in hands on approach towards management to unlock upside potential and work closely with managers in making a difference. Our broad experience in specific industry sectors also makes us a valuable partner to transform and grow in challenging environments.

Hands On

With FIDES, you can remain reassured of the right knowledge, experience and hands-on support that your business requires to sustain.

Our Network

Our FIDES footprint and network in India delivers execution and transformation capabilities by identifying growth opportunities, implement outsourcing strategies and structuring technology transformation for our portfolio