We build futures

With vision for the future we work on specific business solutions that are linked to the internal operations of your organization and coincide with your business environment.  FIDES Business Partner has the necessary expertise and experience to maximize your success. Our approach is to elicit fresh ideas and innovation through pragmatic solutions. Each solution is implemented carefully along the value drivers specific to your organization to optimize potential and mitigate inherent risks.  Our team of specialists and generalists provide a wide range of services to build the future of your organization. Through an interdisciplinary approach and with many years of entrepreneurial experience as investors and advisors, we make significant contributions to the future capacities and increased profitable longevity of mid-sized companies. We bring ourselves on board as part of your company and work as effective business partner.

Meet the Team

Giulio De Lucia

Managing Partner

Sherine Müller

Team Assistant & Administration

René Steiner

Managing Partner

Alexis Misailidis

Investment Analyst

Tom Clausen

Managing Partner

Manfred Handle

Business Intelligence

Rohan Ajila

Managing Partner

Gökan Tercan

Investment Manager


Entrepreneurs investing capital and management capacity for mid-sized companies

An increasingly complex environment demands more strategic thinking in scenario-like structures and requires transformation expertise. We help our clients develop innovative ideas and transform them into concrete solutions with pragmatic delivery and implementation options. Our thinking and our approach are both linked to corporate responsibility, leading to optimized business operations and profitable business models.

We are proud of our results and thrive due to the referrals and recommendations from our business partners.

Values and culture

Positive interaction is what motivates us and stimulates our vision for the future of companies!

The human aspects of companies in all of its facets lie at the core of our interests and undertakings. Behind every person lies a fascinating and unique story. There are just as many interesting, new and outside-of-the-box ways of thinking which inspire our entrepreneurial spirit. This open approach is applied with the aim to break through deep-seated structures and cultural barriers.  With trust, mutual respect and transparency we take on new entrepreneurial challenges.


Competences and networks form a strong partner for mid-sized companies

FIDES Business Partner was in 2011 incorporated and focused on Private Equity and Management-Consulting in mid-sized companies.

FIDES Business Partner grow over the time and new partners with value add skills and network joint the company which was a result of the strong demand on the market. Today the sole focus of FIDES Business Partner is Private Equity business.