We look for sustained profitable and scalable business models acting in the food, luxury & consumer goods and technologie innovation industry with sound growth potential into new markets and/or product ranges.

Investment Philosophy & Strategy

Buy and hold of profitable companies in sectors such as Food, Luxury & Consumer Goods and Technology Innovation.

Size of the Companies

We target SMEs with CHF 20-100 million of revenues. Proven profitability and cash generation and strong market position.

Industrial Focus

We pursue industrial cluster strategies for companies active in sectors “Food”, “Luxury & Consumer Goods” and “Technology Innovation”, but no Biotech investments.

Geographic Focus

Mainly Switzerland.


FIDES seeks majority participations in the portfolio companies.

Investment Size

Equity: CHF 8 MM – 10 MM; for larger deals we work with co-investors.

Portfolio Companies – Food Industry

Blattmann Schweiz AG  – is a food ingredients company incorporated in 1856 with a focus on starches, organic glucose and organic gluten serving the food production industry for end consumer products such as baked-goods, sweets, dairy, meat, meat replacement and convenience products.

Investment year: 2012
Investment type: Equity
Industry sector: Food ingredients production for starches and glucose

Blattmann Handels AG – based in Wädenswil sources and sells organic and modified ingredients primarily for the food industry.

Investment year: 2016
Investment type: Equity
Industry sector: Food Ingredients Trading

Blattmann Noreduxdevelopment and production but as well as toll manufacturing of specific dextrins and modified clean labels for the food industry.

Investment year: 2012
Legal spin off: 2023
Investment type: Equity
Industry sector: Food ingredients production for dextrins and clean labels

Portfolio Companies – Technology Innovation

Filabé of Switzerland AG – develops, produces and sells unique sustainable skin care products based on dermal delivery technology with tremendous potential in cosmetic, medical and pharmaceutical markets.

Investment year: 2012
Investment type: Equity
Industry sector: Cosmetics

Filag Medical Schweiz AG

Filag – focus on scientific and technological development, patents and proof of concept of technology, product development and regulatory pathway verification for market entries of medical skin care products.

Investment year: 2017
Investment type: Equity
Industry sector: Medical Skin Care

Portfolio Companies – Luxury and Consumer Goods

Antiquorum – Antiquorum is an auction house founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 1974, specializing in the auction of watches, clocks, and other collectibles. Antiquorum is renowned for having sold many of the world’s most valuable watches, including the world’s most expensive wristwatch, the Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication. Antiquorum holds auctions on a regular basis in Hong Kong, New York, Geneva and Monaco, offering a diverse range of timepieces, ranging from vintage and modern watches to antique clocks and pocket watches. Antiquorum has a leading position in the market and is ranked number 4 in the global auction market for modern and vintage timepieces.

Investment year: 2015
Investment type: Equity
Industry sector: Watch Auctioneer

Swiza – based in Delémont the company is a casual lifestlye brand developing and producing the iconic Swiss pocket knives.

Investment year: 2016
Investment type: Loan
Industry sector: Consumer Goods

Divested Portfolio Companies

Invertag/Gorba – Gorba AG is an information technology company headquartered in Switzerland. It is a global provider of complete passenger information systems consisting of software and hardware solutions that are designed for the public transportation sector.

Investment year: 2013 / 2014
Investment type: Equity
Industry sector: Passenger Information
Trade sale: 2016, Industrial Trade Sale