Rohan Ajila

Rohan Ajila is a Managing Partner of FIDES Business Partner, based in Bangalore, India, where he is mainly engaged in defining and building out the growth strategies of the firm’s portfolio companies and creating and managing partnerships in Asia, particularly in India. He contributes 20 years of experience in performing due diligences on, investing in and actively monitor private equity funds and direct investments in Asia, coupled with his extensive experience as an entrepreneur and board member of several companies in India. In addition, he has been actively involved in the translocation process (cross border technology and process transfer) of European companies setting up operations in India and defining their growth and HR strategies for Asia. All these activities have enabled him to establish a wide network to Private Equity groups, companies and industry experts in India.

In his last position, he was Managing Partner of Capvent, a Private Equity group focused on Private Equity fund and direct investments in Asia. Earlier, Rohan Ajila was involved in his family business, a successful and profitable consumer packaging company in India listed on the Indian stock exchange. He is also the founding director of an Indo German Joint Venture manufacturing high end cosmetic glass for global cosmetic companies. Previously, he started the first international health and fitness business in South India, and co-founded and managed Indiamarkets as CEO, which was a pioneer in the online and offline B2B e-commerce and supply chain consulting business.

He holds a BBA and MBA from the University of Houston, Texas (USA).